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Atomy Ginkgo & Natto is currently available at At.G Mall for members in the United States. Product Details Atomy Ginkgo & Natto - Nattokinase added to ginkgo leaf for powerful blood circulation Product Name : Atomy Ginkgo & Natto Product Type : Dietary Supplement / Ginkgo leaf extract, natto bacteria cultured powder Net Contents : 30 g (500 mg X 60 EA) Recommended Use : Take 1 Tablet once a day with water. Ingredients : Ginkgo biloba extract, nattokinase powder [defatted soybean meal 50%, dextrin 50%], microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxypropyl methylecellulose, calcium carboxymethylcellulose, red yeast rice powder, calcium mixture powder (calcium carbonate, modified starch), magnesium stearate, glycerin fatty acid ester, Korean chrysanthemum extract powder, pigment mixed powder (gardenia yellow, dextrin, gardenia blue), red wine extract powder, green tea extract powder, hericium erinaceus extract powder, ginger extract powder, baobab fruit extract powder (contains soy) Sto

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